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Wet Moorings and Dry Sailing

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      Our larger boats are assigned swing moorings for our post early-May launch use.  Each senior member mooring is allocated a space for a dinghy, either afloat at our clubhouse adjoining docks or in dry storage racks with launch ramps.The approximately 40 moorings are maintained by our membership work crews. 


Temporary docking at our 250’ of floating docks is available

for picking up and dropping off family and guests and for overnight stays while the owners are aboard.


We have 55 feet of seawall with a mast crane for member use.  At TMCC we take the masts down and store them on our grounds during winter storage time, from about mid-October to mid-May

Dry Sailing


TMCC can accommodate approximately 15 dry-sail boats. (max. 350sq ft.)


We have a 32foot wide ramp for rigging beach cats and small dry sail trimarans and a concrete and steel launch ramp with 80’ of floating dock beside it. 

Sail storage for dry-sailed boats is available in the club’s storage shed however most members choose to store their sail gear in their own storage shed rented from the club annually (see join TMCC for fees). 

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