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Catamaran and Trimaran sailing at a dedicated multihull club near Downtown Toronto

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Toronto Multihull Cruising Club (TMCC) is the only sailing club on Lake Ontario exclusively for owners of full-sized catamarans, trimarans, dry sail beach catamarans and small trimarans. 

Founded in 1971, TMCC is a self-help, member-run, not-for-profit club located in a scenic setting in Toronto’s Outer Harbour. 

Multihull boats at TMCC range from 40plus foot ocean cruising catamarans and trimarans to folding and trailerable racer/cruiser trimarans to dry-sailed beach catamarans and small trimarans. New memberships are available for multihull boat owners as senior members and for the ‘multihull curious’ as associate non-boatowner members.  Our fees are some of the lowest in the Toronto area.

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