Annual Autumn Classic Race

Richard Fox on his Corsair F27 flying the spinnaker single-handed, neck-and-neck with RAIN, also flying a spinnaker near the start of the Annual Autumn Classic Race.

TMCC Autumn Classic Race.

We had ten boats out for the start on Sunday morning, September 8, 2019, for our annual fall race. This race is an informal affair, much like the Wednesday evening races with no race committee boat or bouy marked start and finish lines, except that we recorded and scored this race. Commodore, Paul Howard on RAIN tooted a five-minute warning signal as the boats manoeuvred around each other to the east of a line from our shore-based mast crane and the former ship’s pilot house at the entrance to the Outer Harbour Marina. At the one-minute toot several boats were flying spinnakers in the light easterly breeze as we crossed the line at modest speeds in a ragged line after the start horn.

Winds were light and fickle changing directions from and to all points of the compass. As per usual, the two Farrier trimarans took the lead, then lost their wind near Gibraltar point, giving the rest of the fleet time to nearly catch them until a puff of wind got them moving again. The total race was an exercise in concentration and patience. The roughly three-hour race, dependent on which of the boats one was on, was none the less enjoyable for the changeable winds. It allowed for many changes of places as one boat or another got stuck in a hole and sat there until another zephyr moved them along. On our boat, RAIN, speeds ranged from 0.2knots up to 8.5knots over the course of about 10.5 miles, though most of us probably sailed twice that distance to complete the course.

We all enjoyed a beautiful autumnal day on the water, sometimes sunny, sometimes cool and cloudy, but always great to be out on the water and sailing.

Entrants ranged the full gamut of age and design type of our member’s boats, including in order of over-the line finish:

  1. Trippy, Rob Cajolet, Farrier 25C, trimaran

  2. Tamu, Scott Charlesworth, Farrier 32, trimaran

  3. Don Landry, Hobie Magic 20, beach catamaran

  4. Richard Fox, Corsair F27, trimaran

  5. RAIN, Paul Howard, Evenkeel 38, catamaran

  6. Radius, Darren Clements, Kelsall 37, catamaran

  7. Ti’Matou, Bernard Lasporte, Lerouge 44, catamaran

  8. Catnip, Rob White, Kismet 24, catamaran

  9. Daddy Longlegs, Warren Edwards, Crowther 36, trimaran

  10. Gary McCollum, Piver 36, trimaran, started, but did not finish.

Ranking after PHRF handicaps were factored in:

  1. Trippy

  2. Richard Fox

  3. Tamu

  4. Catnip

  5. RAIN

  6. Don Landry

  7. Ti’Matou and Radius, tied

  8. Daddy Longlegs

  9. Gary McCollum, DNF

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